Emblem Generator


Emblem Generator

Categories: After Effects Template Version: CS4 and UP Date: 10 April 16

  • AfterFX version: CS4-Up
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • No plugin required
  • 25 customized projects
  • 100 types of leaves
  • 50 types of buds
  • 10 types of customized backgrounds
  • 10 types of customized overlays
  • Video tutorial ( with comments, no voice )

Project includes

For preview : Awards Ceremony II by Sasha_Grey, you can download from here.
For video tutorial : Business Lounge by solarmusic, you can download from here.
Font: Tahoma, Times New Roman, Arial, Hancock you can download from here.
Each AfterFX file in package is the same file with different settings. You can edit all parts of Laurel Wreath: stalk; inside leaves; middle leaves; outside leaves; inside buds; outside buds; lower ribbon; side ribbon; medal control. Also backgrounds and overlays. Clever combination of these parts will lead you to your own Laurel Wreath Emblem. I prepared only 25 types of Emblem with various types of Laurel Wreath but you can compose as many types as your imagination let you. I’ve also included a projects with “flat design” so you can make both “3d golden” and “flat color” style of emblem. You can meet here absolutely unique ribbon settings that you never met before. These are completely procedural settings used only AfterFX expressions resource. Try to edit and animate them. And of course you can use all parts of package separatelly. Project includes a lot of After Effects expressions. So edit them at your own risc.

Download Project

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